birth doulas & post partum care

birth doulas

A birth doula will draw upon many skills, techniques and physical comfort measures acquired through training and experience to help parents cope with labour, resulting in a more comfortable, shorter and positive birth experience.

These techniques embody the philosophy of developing a woman's confidence in her body's ability to give birth:

  • visual relaxation

  • massage and counter pressure

  • breathing methods

  • positioning using the birth ball

  • vocalization

  • emotional support, encouragement and peace of mind

The Birth Company Doula’s provide:

  • Up to two prenatal visits at your home

  • Identification of your personal priorities for the birth and assistance in creating a wish list for birth

  • On-going phone/email consultations as needed

  • Resource lending library-books or videos

  • 24 hour on-call support beginning two weeks prior to your due date

  • Support throughout early labour at home and at the hospital until delivery
    of your baby

  • Assistance in initiating breastfeeding following the birth

  • Postpartum follow up visits - up to two in home visits

  • Birth Story or Photo Collage

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post partum care

post partum doula.

Focusing on the new mother with an open minded approach your doula will guide you with newborn care, assistance with physical and emotional recovery, support for successful breastfeeding, practical household assistance so Mom can concentrate on caring for herself and baby.

The Birth Company Postpartum doulas are skilled and knowledgeable about the care and development of infants as well as maternal recovery and adjustment

Benefits of Postpartum Doula Care:

  • Increases success of breastfeeding

  • Facilitates parent-infant bonding

  • Decreases incidence of postpartum depression

  • Encourages appropriate well-baby and mother care

  • Increases parents’ confidence in their parenting skills

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welcome home comfort package

Assistance with newborn care, breastfeeding and light housekeeping.

Daily agenda four hours per day:

Day 1 - Breastfeeding Basics - review, discussion and position/latch practice. Light snack prepared for the new Mom.

Day 2 - Rest and Recover- Lunch preparation for Mom

Day 3 - Organize - Baby’s room and household organization

Day 4 – Baby time – Mini Program on Infant Development –check list with community resources.

Day 5- Family Celebration – Meal Preparation/General Care –A professional doula will sit down with the new parents and help answer your questions regarding baby care and post partum recovery.

Total hours: 20 for $499.00

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breastfeeding consultation

Parents can benefit from Breastfeeding consultations in the comfort of their own home.  Upon discharge from the hospital, a lactation educator will assist mom and baby with breastfeeding basics

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Create a positive breastfeeding experience with the knowledge and support of a professional post partum doula.
Call 905-319-9020 or email to book your doula