about the birth company

The Birth Company offers complete childbirth support to expecting parents beginning with practical based Prenatal Classes to prepare you for the birth of your baby. Our hands-on approach provide an excellent balance of information and activities to increase your knowledge and
parenting skills.

Programs are offered in group or private classes, evenings and weekends.

The Birth Company also offers complete Birth doula support from our first
pre-natal meeting, during your labour and in those early hours of parenting, we are there for you and your new family.

Medical research supports the fact that when a doula is present at your birth, labours are shorter, less medical interventions, and a decrease in caesarean births. Doulas offer continual emotional, physical and informational support to their clients and their partners, creating an environment of caring to welcome the birth of your newborn.
Post Partum support is another option for busy families. Often we find ourselves living far away from loved ones and family support.  

The Birth Company professional post partum doulas give you the peace of mind and encouragement in the early days of being a new parent

The Birth Company’s services are very unique in that we have a professional staff to work with you. The Birth Company’s team of professionals include: birth doulas, post partum doulas, childbirth educators and lactation educators. This well-rounded approach means that our clients are truly supported not only on the day they give birth but also throughout their pregnancy (and beyond); this is the The Birth Company difference!

about the owner

Lisa Shannon, the owner of the birth company resides in Burlington, Ontario with her husband Brian and is the proud mother of three great children!

Having experienced the wonders and sometimes worries of parenting, Lisa provides an honest and empathetic point of view to expecting parents.

In addition to her own personal childbirth experience, she received her formal education at McMaster University and her childbirth education with the Childbirth and Post Partum Association (CAPPA) and through Doulas of North America (DONA).  Lisa is a trained Childbirth and Lactation Educator, Birth and Post Partum Doula.

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